series 12.000
spear flame burners
series 14.000
spear flame burners
Serie 19.300
On-Off-ball valves
for gas, air and oxygen
series 23.000
surface mixed burner
"lathe type burners"
series 25.000
surface mixed burners
series 26.000
surface mixed burners
Serie 40.000
manifold for
Venturi mixers
series 50.100
gas infrared burners
series 50.400
gas infrared burners
series 61.700
gas/air extruded-section ribbon burner
series 61.900
gas/air extruded section ribbon burner
series 63.000
gas/air burners
series 65.000
gas/oxygen burners
series 68.000
ribbon tube burners for use with pre-mixed gas and air
series 82.000
venturi mixer
series 82.700
venturi injectors
series 82.900
air blast venturi mixer for two median